Telehealth Physical Therapy Tucson

All our Tucson Physical Therapy clinics are now providing telehealth physical therapy and person care at all of our five physical therapy clinics in Tucson.

There are now two ways to help patients get Physical Therapy in Tucson:

  • In Person:We are still open and welcoming patients to receive the care they need in our clinic. Click here for more information about the precautions we are taking in the clinics to keep you safe.
  • Online Through Telehealth: Our partnering therapists can still complete a visit for patients that are unable to make it into the clinic.  They will use both VIDEO and AUDIO so that they can have two way communication during these physical and/or occupational therapy visits.

What will you need for you Telehealth Physical Therapy appointment?

In order to make your telehealth physical therapy appointment a success, here are the things you will need access to: 

  • Internet access
  • A device with a camera (computer, phone, tablet) that has access to email
  • Space to exercise

online physical therapy

How to login to Your Telehealth Physical Therapy Appointment

Here’s how people in Tucson can login to access their telehealh physical therapy appointment.