Prenatal and postpartum

At Agility Spine & Sport Physical Therapy frequently works with women going through pregnancy or who have recently had vaginal or C-section delivery.
Please note that we do not do internal pelvic treatments.

Prenatal Therapy

Our physical therapists work with our pregnant patients to help reduce pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction. We aim to support the health and fitness of pregnant mothers by developing exercise programs that promote strength and endurance for delivery. Programs also address infant-care body mechanics and education to help mothers recover more quickly following delivery.

Postpartum Therapy

During the postpartum therapy we address problems that may have arisen during pregnancy or delivery. Goals of prenatal and postpartum therapy include pain resolution, strengthening, body mechanics education, and return to a healthy and active lifestyle. For women looking to find therapy treatment to ease the road to recovery, contact Agility Physical therapy and schedule your appointment today.

The following diagnoses are treated in our prenatal and postpartum rehabilitation program:

  • Cesarean Section: Treatment of abdominal and low back pain post C-section.
  • Coccygodynia: Tailbone pain.
  • Diastasis Recti: A separation of the two halves of the abdominal muscles at the midline; commonly seen during and after pregnancy.
  • Low Back Pain: Pain related to weakness, muscle spasm, disc pathology, radiculopathy, stenosis, or arthritis; prenatal and postpartum low back pain.
  • Pelvic Pain Syndrome: A variety of symptoms that could include deep aching in the abdomen, back pain, and/or perineal (vaginal) pain. Causes can include trauma to the pudendal nerve or sacroiliac dysfunction
  • Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction: Pain in the sacroiliac joint, hip or groin.
  • Sciatica: Pain that travels into the buttock or down into the thigh or leg.
  • Protocol/Treatments Include:
  • Pain management
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization, Myofascial Release
  • Scar Mobilization
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Core/Abdominal Strengthening
  • Postural Strengthening
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Education for Posture, Positioning, Lifting, Home Exercises
  • Specific Treatment Protocol: We tailor each program to the individual client, the MD preference, and timeframe after vaginal or C-section birth
  • Abdominal Progression
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Kegels
  • Pelvic Tilts
  • Heel Slides
  • Trunk Rotation (small amplitude)
  • Bent knee push outs
  • Marches
  • Bridges
  • Cat/Camel
  • All 4’s Alternate arm and leg
  • Physio Ball Exercises
  • Manual Therapy

Soft tissue Mobilization to lumbosacral, thoracic, and cervical areas Myofascial release to abdominal area in addition to lumbosacral, thoracic, and cervical areas Scar mobilization using various techniques Joint mobilization to Sacroiliac, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine Neural Mobilization if appropriate Kinesio Taping for neuromuscular facilitation and support/pain relief

  • Flexibility
  • Hamstrings
  • Hip Flexors
  • Gluteals
  • Abdominals
  • Hip rotators
  • Cervical and Thoracic mm.
  • Strength and Endurance
  • Total Gym
  • Physio Ball
  • Functional Strengthening
  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical
  • Stationary Bike
  • Education
  • Postural Education
  • Positional Education for holding/carrying/breastfeeding/bathing
  • Lifting techniques: from floor, from car, from crib, and changing table

If you have been dealing with any of these particular symptoms and believe prenatal and postpartum therapy will benefit your life, contact our therapist for a consultation on how we can actively affect your journey.

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