Physical Therapy Resources in Tucson / Helpful Links

Here are some helpful links:

MD Links:  These are Doctors that we like that have given us permission to display their information.  This in no way means we do not recommend other Physicians.

Ed Petrow, D.O. TOI  

Specializes in Total joint replacement (Hips and Knees)  520-382-8200

Robert Kersey, M.D. Southern Arizona Orthopedics

Specializing In Sports Medicine and Arthorscopic Surgery 520-885-6701

Ty Endean, D.O.  Sports Institute of Tucson  

Specializing In Sports Medicine and Arthorscopic Surgery 520-618-5500

Richard Chua, MD  Northwest NeuroSpecialists

Specializing in Neck and Back surgery.  Performs Minimally Invasive techniques.

Kent Vincent, M.D.  Childrens Orthopedics Specialists

Specializes in orthopedics for kids.  520-296-KIDS