Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain is a very common complaint that affects many people, therefore making our job at Agility Spine and Sports Physical Therapy vital when it comes to identifying the proper neck pain treatment to service our patients. Effects like stress, sitting at a computer for an extended time frame, and even poor posture can bring major discomfort to your neck. Headaches and even migraines are a common problem from dysfunction in the neck muscles or vertebrae. Taking proactive approaches to dealing with a sensitive area like the neck is extremely important for Agility Physical therapist. We utilize neck pain treatments that help to relieve pain while strengthening the area to keep the discomfort from returning.

Most of the times the pain can be found in the spinal joints, discs, vertebrae, or muscles. Any discomfort to these regions will have a painful impact on the surrounding soft tissue. In many cases, the soft tissue may become inflamed and irritated which can cause severe lower and mid neck pain. However, without adequate treatment neck pain may spread to the shoulders or arms, and as previously mentioned painful headaches.

At Agility Spine & Sports Physical Therapy, we serve our patients with proper techniques and care that assist them on the road back to their normal lives. Neck pain can hinder your performance in a lot of areas so it is our duty at Agility to get you back to daily activity as soon as possible.

Take back your life and rid your body of the unwavering discomfort that neck problems contribute towards. Call us today and allow us to design a customized neck pain treatment strategy that will help relieve your unwanted neck pain and get you back to the normal active life you enjoy.

Fast Neck Pain Relief for :

• Low, mid, and upper neck pain • Pinched nerves • Herniated and bulging discs • Numbness and tingling • Spinal arthritis • Muscle tension and spasms • Headaches and migraines • Radiating arm and hand pain • Spinal Stenosis • Whiplash