Gait and Running Analysis

What is gait and Running analysis:

A slow-motion video from several different angles is taken to look at what happens at each joint in the body with each phase of the gait cycle. Small things can make big differences over many miles, like a larger than normal stride length can cause problems from hamstring and ITB pain, to heel pain and plantar fasciitis. By looking at all the little motions and how they can affect the body as a whole you can reduce the ground reaction forces where breakdowns can occur in the body. This should improve running efficiency and economy.

What you get during your gait and running analysis visit.

Complete biomechanical evaluation of you and your running issue, this includes a history of injury and current training program, complete functional movement evaluation to discover movement flaws, mobility issues, tightness or weakness that might be present. There is a discussion of a training plan and the possibility of training error. The slow-motion video analysis is used to determine issues during gait that might need to be addressed. After this, treatment includes manual therapy to address mobility issues found, corrective exercises to help with problems found and enhance running. We then give advice on the style of gait if required to address injury or potential for one. This can involve training advice with a program, a schedule and how to increase training load safely based on the type and time of event needed to train for. You also don’t need to be injured currently, come in before one happens! All athletes and body types can benefit from an injury screening

What type of injury or issues can benefit from a gait analysis?

Any type of injury can be seen. Common ones are:

  • Hamstring issues
  • IT band syndrome
  • Plantar fascia
  • Achilles tendon problems
  • Patella femoral disorders or knee cap/tendon pain
  • Hip pain
  • Many more

Bring your running shoes you normally run and dress ready to run!