Functional Movement Screening

At Agility Spine and Sports Physical Therapy we encourage our patients in directions that will lead them towards the best recovery possible. Once you set your consultation, our therapist will introduce you to our various treatment alternatives that will best assist you return to the healthy and active life you desire. As athletes, Agility PT understands the demand that goes into sustaining peak performance during your athletic endeavors. We pride ourselves on finding the root causes of pain and one of our most effective ways to identify those functional limitations is through a Functional Movement Screening. Not only does Agility offer a professional Functional Movement Screening in Tucson, we will guide you on a prescribed path towards a stronger, healthier, and more efficient recovery.

What is A Functional Movement Screening?

FMS is an effective, evidence-based screening tool that detects functional limitations, asymmetric, muscle imbalance and inefficient movements that put athletes at risk for injury or compromises optimal performance. FMS is a grading system that assesses and records movement patterns that are crucial to normal function.

The FMS quickly identifies dangerous movement patterns to be addressed with corrective exercises. It also indicates an individual’s readiness to perform exercise so that realistic goals can be set and achieved. A Functional Movement Screen score is generated to target problems and track progress. Once scoring is completed, an individualized exercise regimen is prescribed to restore proper movement, build strength and improve flexibility. In many cases, injuries can linger on without proper treatment, it is important that athletes learn to treat their bodies with respect and care. Athletes who take an opportunity to have their bodies properly evaluated at Agility, have enjoyed our work and they leave us knowing that they have received the most effective care possible, that caters to their distinctive needs. Functional Movement Screening in Tucson will get you the answers you need, set your appointment today and begin a new journey with Agility Spine and Sports Physical Therapy.

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