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Professional Bike Fitting in Tucson

Is it the bike or your body? 

Professional Cycling Analysis by a Tucson Physical Therapist!

Physical therapists are movement experts and specialize in bio-mechanics. Our physical therapist are athletes and former athletes themselves so we possess the understanding needed to deliver the best bike fitting in Tucson. Combine that knowledge with cycling technology and you get “The best fit and the best performance.” Agility is proud to service many people around the city with our bike fitting in Tucson program. 

The Physical Therapists at Agility Physical Therapy focus on a two pronged approach to interacting with patients:

1. Manual therapy including spine manipulation to free movement

2. A “movement systems” approach to retraining proper movement

In the loose science of movement analysis/PT for cyclists, our therapists have worked to develop an understanding of optimum alignments on the bike and optimum movement patterns on top of that alignment.

We treat all cyclists by first looking for static/dynamic alignment on the bike in order to allow even stress distribution across muscles/joints. We then look at the patient in motion to identify improper loading patterns that may be inadvertently overloading structures.

Our success has been through using video analysis and objective measures of pedal force/power output to help patients visualize their own movement system.

We consider this practice to be one of identifying barriers to a patients sport success and a teaching moment involving either conscious control and modification or repetitive exercise to train proper patterns into the underlying nervous system. In other words, this can get you to the next level of performance.

*If you find yourself sore or hurting after a ride or you don’t feel right on your bike you may not be fit correctly. Or maybe you may not be maximizing your performance because of a poor fit, poor spinal movement, and muscular tightness.

Our Analysis is for all types of Cyclists: Road/Mountain/Race/Recreation and more.

Professional Cycling Analysis by a Tucson Physical Therapist includes:

  • High Definition Video Analysis
  • Precision static and dynamic alignment using laser guidance
  • Equipment alteration*
  • Pedal force/power output measurement
  • Biomechanical Evaluation of Spine and Peripheral joints
  • Manual Therapy to help correct biomechanical faults and promote free movement
  • Our “Movement Systems” approach to retraining proper movement.
  • Each analysis takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Health insurance may be accepted. *Analysis will need to be split into 2-3 visits

*The cost for the Professional Cycling Analysis is $250.  Extra equipment is not included in our pricing and may be recommended. We work with a local bike shop who can supply you with the suggested modifications ( ex: seat posts, stems, cleats, shoe wear etc…). Call us today and set up a cycling analysis with one of our expert physical therapist. 

Call for your Professional Cycling Analysis by a Tucson Physical Therapist Today. (520) 884-4292, extension #140