Back Pain Treatment


Low back pain affects 66% of adults at some point in their lives. This is why back pain treatment that helps to relieve pain and allows you to resume normal activities without the loom of further complications is our priority.

Patients who suffer from lower back discomfort site the source of pain traditionally to the spine area. This pain can stem from issues with your spines supporting structure such as your spinal joints, facets, the disc wall or core, vertebrae, exiting nerves and soft tissues. Any discomfort in these areas may result in inflamed muscles and ligaments causing most of your pain to go towards your lower back region. This does not however exclude your thighs, buttocks and knees from suffering aches as well.

The physical therapists at Agility Spine & Sports Physical Therapy will properly diagnose the source of your pain. Once diagnosed our therapist will customize a program that identifies the weaknesses of your musculoskeletal system. We provide proactive solutions that will allow you to recover quickly, while minimizing the chance for re-injury as you resume your normal activity.

Agility Spine & Sports Physical Therapy is an exercise-based physical therapy clinic with integrated manual therapy techniques. We are committed to making you feel better and getting you back to your active, healthy lifestyle. We dive into the root causes of your pain with the intention of providing back pain treatment that is effective and generates results. We aim to provide the highest quality of back pain treatment in Tucson. Many of our therapist are athletes in their own right so we pride ourselves on delivering our expertise with care and precision to our patients. We offer therapy for athletes who suffer various back pain related sports injuries as well as pre and post-surgical rehabilitation. Contact us today to set your appointment and allow us to guide you on your journey towards a pain free life. 

Effective relief for:

• Low, mid, and upper back pain • Sciatica • Spinal arthritis • Spinal stenosis • Joint pain • Herniated and bulging discs • Back spasms • Radiating buttock pain • Pinched nerves