Ankle & Foot Treatment

At Agility Spine and Sports Physical Therapy, we understand how having pain in your ankle and feet can hinder how you perform in your daily life. Many of our patients are victims of painful injuries that they may have overlooked or under diagnosed which has resulted in long term and constant discomfort. Agility physical therapist provide valuable strategies and activities that work to heal and strengthen the area of pain. Our patients leave our sessions with a significant decrease in pain and new techniques to keeping their feet and ankles strong and healthy. We aim to provide the best ankle and foot treatment in Tucson Arizona.

Many of our physical therapist are athletes and former athletes who understand the toll it takes on the body to live an active life. Sitting down with our therapist for our free consultation can be the first step to getting you back to the pain free life you once enjoyed. We commit to providing patient care that is not only professional but memorable. We offer quality ankle and foot treatment for athletes of all ages and levels. Agility Spine & Sports is a family first environment, we utilize the latest and most effective techniques in sports therapy to train and facilitate healthy solutions for our patients.

Our Physical therapists (PTs) are experts in the art and science of the evaluation and treatment of ankle and foot pain. We care for people of all ages and treat a variety of muscle, joint and neurological conditions.Call us today and schedule a free consultation. The road to a better life starts with Agility.

Ankle & Foot conditions we have successfully treated:

Ankle pain

Shin splints

Ankle sprains

Plantar fasciitis

Achilles tendonitis

Excessive pronation

Post-surgical conditions

Tibialis posterior tendonitis

Advantages of ankle and foot treatment with Physical Therapy:

No side effects


Supported by clinical research

Customized to treat the underlying cause


Gentle hands-on techniques to relax the muscles

Effective joint mobilization techniques to decrease stiffness

Pain relieving modalities such as ice, heat, ultrasound or electrical stimulation

Targeted stretching for tight muscles

Walking retraining Balance exercises

Shoe inserts (orthotic recommendations)