Client Success Stories:

"I came into this experience almost dreading it, doing it because I had to (per my Doctor). How wrong I was to dread it! I learned so much about my back, posture, and even how the way I stand affects the pain in my back. I am leaving here more informed and more aware of how I can keep my back safe and healthy. Thank you!"
--- KL

"They make you feel like family here.  Great, fun staff who know what they're doing."

--- MR

 "I was in a lot of pain and didn't have good range of motion in my neck. This has been ongoing. When I finished with therapy I didn't have pain at all! Range of motion had improved greatly. I am very pleased with the progress I have made. The staff was wonderful!! Carol was my therapist and I want to thank her for what she did for me."
--- BD

"I am very pleased with the therapy I have received at Agility the past few weeks. I came in with much neck, shoulder, and back pain. I am greatly improved in all areas thanks to the excellent therapist. I highly recommend Agility."
--- JB

"You can take the pain to Agility and leave it there. I highly recommend this clinic for therapy."
--- RP